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PTeazer Roadster

THE PTEAZER ROADSTER A revolutionary new concept in Automotive Restyling with THREE unique removable tops that will allow you to choose a driving style to fit your every mood. Your moods change, NOW so can your car. Convertible, Sportster, Pickup Truck, Phaeton, You Decide! Unveiled at the 2003 SEMA convention, the PTeazer crew produced this magnificent machine. The PTeazer Roadstar Grille is available fom PT Cruiser Club Store for $995.00. Roadster Body Kit is Now Available

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photo 1
The top comes off and you have a convertible
photo 2
Smooth rear bumper area
photo 3
Storage area
photo 4
Colored interior
photo 5
Custom seats
photo 6
PT Roadster
photo 7
Nice Grill. This new grill is available Dec 2003
photo 8
Name on door
photo 9
The gal is like what they painted on old fighter aircraft
photo 10
photo 11
photo 12
The tops are removed for a convertible look
photo 13
The steering wheel is similar to a 1950's airplane control
photo 14

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