A Car Club where Chrysler PT Cruiser enthusiasts meet.
PT Cruiser Club Benefits include a discussion forum, chatroom, photo gallery, production news, and more.

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Member Card Help

How do I get a PT Cruiser Club member card?
After you join the club you can make your own personalized member card from your member account. We do not send you a member card, instead we allow you to make your own card just the way you like it. If you ever lose your card you can make a new one yourself.

Step 1. Join the PT Cruiser Club:
Join Now

Step 2. Log into your PT Cruiser Club Member Account:
This is where you can generate your own personalized member card. To login, click on "Member Account" on the right menu. If you are a PT Cruiser Club Member and need your username and password e-mailed to you, click here.

Step 3. Make a Member Card:
Once you log into your member account, click on "Members", then "Membercard" to get started. Here you can generate your own personalized member card.

Your name, member id, join date and expire date will automatically be imprinted on your card for you.

Options for your card: Select the size your printed member card will measure. Select your car color to have a Chrysler PT Cruiser image imprinted on your card. Type in a personalized message to appear under your car image imprinted on your card. It could be something simple like your car year and model, "My Chrysler PT Cruiser", or something like "Heritage Hot Rod", whatever you choose it must be less than 30 characters max.

When you are finished with your selections, click "Make Card", then print the card by printing the page from your computer. Next, trim out the card with scissors. If you want to laminate your card in clear plastic, many office supply stores sell self stick laminating pouches for this purpose.