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PT Cruiser Club Web Server:
If you have had trouble accessing our web site or a slow response from it. Our web site runs on a professional grade server in a network data center located directly on the internet back bone. Most web sites share one server with 100-200 others, ours has one machine for just a few of our own sites. That is enough capacity for 200 average web sites. There is usually no lag at our end. Our web servers normally run at at a very low capacity, so even at busy times there is still plenty of overhead to handle the load.

Net lag:
Net lag is the main reason for slow access symptoms. There are many reasons for net lag. Net lag could be caused by overloaded internet service providers who have so many users their systems slow down. If you typically have a slow connection, try a different service provider.

Temporary slowness, and unreachable web sites:
Things like email or server worm viruses sometimes cause internet slowness because of the extra traffic they cause while they are massively sent from computer to computer across the internet. Hackers can cause internet traffic slowness by sending large packets of data to a host computer or web site. This is called a Denial of Service Attack (DOS) and can render web sites completely unreachable for a period of time. Sometimes service is temporarily interrupted by equipment failures or scheduled maintenance. The trouble spots could be anywhere in the many hops between your internet connection and the web site you are trying to reach. Usually is little you can do, but try again later.

Some things you can try if you are having slow connections:

If you still have unanswered questions, contact us