A Car Club where Chrysler PT Cruiser enthusiasts meet.
PT Cruiser Club Benefits include a discussion forum, chatroom, photo gallery, production news, and more.

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Why Join PT Cruiser Club

PT Cruiser Club is the perfect place for PT Cruiser owners, those looking to purchase, or those who are waiting for their new Chrysler PT Cruiser to arrive.

PT Cruiser Club is a resource for you to form friendships with other Chrysler PT Cruiser owners/members. "PT Cruiser Club is a place on the Internet where those interested in the PT Cruiser can meet, compare notes, think about custom features and get ideas, comments and experiences of PT Cruiser owners," said Mike Challis, PT Cruiser Club founder. "You don't have to own one, but you may want to."

The Chrysler PT Cruiser is a car that can be easily customized in your own personal way, PT Cruiser Club is a resource for ideas and parts to make it happen. After you join the PT Cruiser Club you are eligible for member discounts on Chrysler PT Cruiser accessories at PT Cruiser Club Store as long as your annual membership is current. You do not have to be a member to purchase, but after you join the club you are eligible for PT Cruiser Club member discounts at PT Cruiser Club Store. Learn more about Member Discounts

Some other car forum web sites are free, some funded by advertising, why membership dues?
This is not just a forum, it is a Car Club. We would rather not have it supported by advertising. Too many online ads are annoying. You will not get on junk mail list by joining, we do not sell your personal information to third parties.

PT Cruiser Club is fully supported by the dues paying members. www.ptcruiserclub.org is not free for us, even though if you don't join we provide much of it for free to you.. Forums, Chat Rooms, Photo Galleries, PT Cruiser Club Store, PT Cruiser information and news. Our web server alone costs a large amount each month because of the power and bandwidth needed to operate a "premium" site reliably with this much dynamic data and traffic.

How many car clubs have a Toll Free phone number and full time staff? We do. Liability insurance for a large car club is a large expense and we pay for it. If you start a Chapter of PT Cruiser Club you are insured. We are assisting local PT Cruiser Club chapters to form. Club Chapters are the source for all our club activities. If you would like to help our organization grow, please form a Chapter today.

Your member dues fund a car club with a "premium" web site. You even get a discount for joining for multiple years. It only costs 8 cents a day to join and help keep this club and website running for years to come! A small price to pay for the member benefits and hours of enjoyment you will receive.

Our goal is to keep the club going for many years to come. PT Cruiser Club is built around a community of people with the same interest (the Chrysler PT Cruiser), nowhere else will you find so much PT Cruiser information and as many enthusiasts. If you enjoy the Chrysler PT Cruiser and meeting friends, please join us, get involved and have some fun.

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