A Car Club where Chrysler PT Cruiser enthusiasts meet.
PT Cruiser Club Benefits include a discussion forum, chatroom, photo gallery, production news, and more.

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Introduction to Our Member Content

Welcome to PT Cruiser Club:
After you join the club, your Member Account is where you log in to edit your name, address, phone number, email address, etc. that we use for membership billing. You can also add events to the calendar, manage your photo galleries, renew your membership online, and see your membership billing history. We have a tool to check if you are registered for all of our services, and to guide you if you are not registered in any of them. Check Your PT Cruiser Club Services.

Message Forums and Chat:
There are thousands of PT Cruiser owners and PT Cruiser Club members sharing information and ideas in our message forums and chat room. The forum has free areas as well as member areas, you can register and use the forum without joining the club. The chat room is open all the time for members, but we also have free chat days for all forum users on the 1st and 15th of the month. During a free chat day, any forum user can enter chat as a guest with their forum username/password.

PT Cruiser Information:
We have useful PT Cruiser information that is free and we have more detailed information in the member forums for members only. If you are looking to purchase a PT Cruiser or are an owner having a technical problem and need help, our web site has the information you need. We have free photo galleries to entertain you: PT Cruiser Photos. New model PT Cruiser information, features and specifications are found on the PT Cruiser Information page. Frequently asked questions are found on the PT Cruiser FAQ page. More helpful information is located in the member forums: Purchasing Tips, Customizing Tips, Tech Tips, TSB's, Recalls.

Member Cards:
After you join the club you can make your own personalized member card from your Member Account. We do not send you a member card, instead we allow you to make your own card just the way you like it. If you ever lose your card you can make a new one yourself. For help and instructions visit the Member Card Help page.

Member Photo Galleries:
We offer a member photo gallery manager that is accessible in your member account. A Photo Gallery is a collection of photos on a web page. Click here to view a sample gallery.
We invite you to join the club, the photo gallery manager is a members only benefit, however anybody can view your photos. You do not have to be a member to look at the PT Cruiser Club Member Photo Galleries.
For help and instructions visit the Member Photo Galleries Help page.

Member Discounts on Chrysler PT Cruiser Accessories:
After you join the PT Cruiser Club you are eligible for member discounts on Chrysler PT Cruiser accessories at PT Cruiser Club Store as long as your annual membership is current. You do not have to be a member to purchase, but after you join the club you are eligible for PT Cruiser Club member discounts at PT Cruiser Club Store. Learn more about Member Discounts

PT Cruiser VIN Decoder:
The VIN decoder helps you determine by the VIN number where the vehicle was made, the manufacturer, what model and series it is, what year it is, what engine it has, and the build sequence number. This VIN decoder is programmed for Chrysler PT Cruiser VIN decoding only. You can access the PT Cruiser VIN Decoder in your Member Account.
For help and instructions visit the PT Cruiser VIN Decoder Help page.

PT Cruiser Registry:
The PT Cruiser Registry is a custom feature of our message forums. Members who use the forum can edit their forum profile and add their PT Cruiser details like year, model, color, and options. Other members can browse the user directory and look at the profiles. Members can search for other members by PT Cruiser year, model, color by using the search function of the user directory.

PT Cruiser Club Chapters:
PT Cruiser Club is a national club with a large online community. We also have local chapters in many states and cities. Most social gatherings of PT Cruiser Club members are organized by club members of PT Cruiser Club Chapters, Club activities include any social function, meeting, picnic, cruise, tour, meet & greet, cruise night, party, parade, car show, convention, etc. When PT Cruiser Club Chapters put their activities our national calendar, we are able to approve and sanction them. Browse the chapter directory for a local chapter. If you can't find a local chapter, you can still join us and then start a chapter. Join the PT Cruiser Club, a resource for you to form friendships with other PT Cruiser owners/members.

PT Cruiser Events:
There are PT Cruiser events on our national calendar: www.ptcruiserclub.org/events. You do not have to be a club member to attend an event. For more information on event organization and sanctioning, read the Events FAQ page.