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PT Cruiser Club Press Release - Jan. 11, 2000
America's newest retro car gets club, web site: PT Cruiser Club

LONG BEACH, Wash., Jan. 11, 2000 /PRNewswire/ -- You've seen the PT Cruiser ads, and maybe even spotted one on the road during its cross-country test runs.

PT Cruiser
Parked on a Pacific beach at Long Beach, Wash., this PT Cruiser is about as far west as you can drive in the continental U.S. Yet it's close to home, too. Long Beach is the headquarters for the PT Cruiser Club. And you're right about that glowing paint job--it is custom. But for the Cruiser, that can be ordinary. Part of the appeal is that the car is ideally suited for customizing by its owner.

Now you can inspect it on the web at www.ptcruiserclub.org and see what owners and qualified mechanics have to say about it.

Michael J. Challis, head mechanic at PT Cruiser's Club, says the site is both independent and dedicated. While the club has no direct ties to DaimlerChrysler, Challis and his club express a great affection for this remarkable sedan of theirs - the one that looks like an ideal getaway car for Bonnie and Clyde but seems equipped like something for space travel.

Challis, a nationally recognized Chrysler Top Tech Award Winner, knows Chrysler and its products from the inside out. He's a Chrysler Certified Gold Level Technician and certified as a Master Auto Technician by ASE.

"This is a useful, working site for Cruiser owners and those looking to purchase," Challis said. "We offer tech-tips on maintenance, performance, upgrades and customizing. Some of it is didactic, more-or-less like lecture notes; much of it is empirical, with chat rooms for club members."

You don't have to be a member to thread through all of the site, though.

For example, journalists looking for independent information and casual Internet visitors can enter the site's forum page for both information and opinion. Members only are served tech-tips, heads-up advisories, information about club activities, and a 10% discount on Cruiser parts, labor and accessories at participating dealers.

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